As a Nutritionist in Cork, Alison offers a fresh perspective on nutrition and lifestyle

Alison encourages people to explore all of who they are in her job as a Nutritionist. Cork is where Alison calls home but through travel and online methods, Alison combines her knowledge and experience of Nutritional Therapy with Eating Psychology to support clients all around the world. Alison firmly believes it is not about fixing ourselves but learning and reflecting on how our thoughts and habits affect how we feel. "When it comes to how we eat it really is just a doorway into all parts of our lives - our relationships, work, stress, self-image, societies influence and so much more."

My Latest Health and Wellbeing Videos

Bulletproof Breakfasts

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Unexpected Breakfast Advice

Do you struggle to fit in breakfast in the morning or grab something quickly while running out the door? Here’s a video with some advice that might surprise you..

Swimming in the Sea and the Amazing Health Benefits

I was recently reminded of the wonderful benefits of swimming in the ocean. I’m very fortunate to live in West Cork, only a mile from a beach, so I’ve set myself a challenge to go for a “no-wetsuit” swim...